Michael Pereckas (beige_alert) wrote,
Michael Pereckas


I have not been making much music lately, and have not been to many of the local house filks, either.  That's partly because I'm often busy with something else, partly because now that I don't have my traveling companion around I don't feel like going anywhere on a Saturday night.  I did go to filkart's gathering last night, though, and I had a great time.  It was nice to be back among the music friends again.

Also, what was basically the first thing that happened?  I was asked to sing something I hadn't practiced in probably two years.  In German.  Sure, why not!  Actually, I practiced the German language songs a whole heck of a lot when I was first learning them, so, fortunately, it was pretty well lodged in the brain.  aryana_filker, you get your songs requested in Wisconsin. 
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