January 1st, 2015


Retroactive resolutions!

It's time once again for the retroactive resolutions, the things that I totally meant to do all along last year. (This idea from hsifyppah, who has the good ideas.)

  • Do all that stuff the physical therapists suggested, so as to be able to walk/run/speed skate again

  • Don't start smoking

  • At least show up for the indoor marathon on January 26. I was able to walk without special equipment. But not without a bit of a limp. I walked 8.8km in 2:11 before deciding that was plenty. That was either my worst or best marathon, depending on how you look at it.

  • Go speed skating on my birthday. It wasn't very speedy, but I was on the skates, skating.

  • Get a new bicycle!

  • Run the half marathon on June 14. 1:49:48 was pretty good for only four months since first being able to sort-of run again.

  • Run the half marathon trail race without throwing up this year! Better time, too! (The better time is closely related to the not throwing up thing.)

  • Go to speed skating camp so I can learn to skate less badly

  • Finally begin to really acknowledge my not very conforming sense of gender expression. While it's probably not been all that well hidden anyway, it is still very different to stop trying to hide.

  • Don't break any more bones by crashing into things!